"I am not tragically colored. There is no great sorrow dammed up in my soul, nor lurking behind my eyes. I do not mind at all."

Zora Neale Hurston

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pictures of My Hair Phases

I know I talked about my hair and how I've worn it for the majority of my life, but for the sake of a comprehensive pictorial journey once I get the Sisterlocks installed, I'll post a couple pictures of the common hairstyles I wore (when wearing extensions and when not).

 This is when I first stopped wearing braids and stopped blow-drying my hair. I was experimenting with chinybumps (That's the jamaican term for it but I've heard others refer to them as...Bantu knots? lol) It was amazing being able to feel comfortable with my own hair.
This was my blow-drying phase...

Sorry this picture doesn't really show my hair well but I believe I had flat-twisted my hair and then pulled them out. The curls were quite tight and fun!

                                                                              Okay this pic isn't as zoomed in as it could be lol but I posted it because this was the phase where (as I said before) I wasn't blow-drying or braiding it. In this picture I think I had a twist-out a few days old. The Curly Fro thing ^__^
This is my second most recent picture...how my hair looked directly after I took out the braids (The braids that led me to the decision to get sisterlocks-I talked about it in "Why Natural? Why Sisterlocks? Why Blog?")

These were long synthetic double strand twists. I enjoyed them although the hair did irritate my skin. As I said before...there isn't anything more comfortable than the natural state. BTW  those are my beautiful and NATURAL sisters lol ^__^

Blow-drying phase. I had roller curls and everything. Oh and those two are some of the friends that bring humor and excitement to my life. Besties! haha

                                          Slight close up on a twist out a couple of days old
                                           The infamous Wet N' Wavy braids. Bleh. I'm over them. HA! P.S that's one of my besties! ^__^
                                                     Wet N' Wavy. P.S Another bestie!!
      I was a sophomore in high school. Still stuck in the trend of braids. (Might as well be a weave lol)
This is my most recent picture, taken on the fourth of July! Um I think I did a Double Strand twist out, for some reason the hair at the top of my head doesn't curl as well as the hairs on other parts. :O

Well that's it and when Tuesday comes I'll be taking very detailed pictures of the Sisterlocks installation process. I'm sorry that most of these pics are not hair-focused. I have to get used to taking pictures of my hair now so that documenting my journey will be successful :) 

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